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About The Clinic

The 7Med Kidney Care Center in Jhunjhunu is a 12 Station Capacity facility ready to serve upto 120 maintenance dialysis patients. With our quality services and compassionate care, within 3 months it became the largest dialysis providing clinic in Jhunjhunu city. The center not only caters to the needs of maintenance hemodialysis patients but also provides services to Acute Renal Failure patients in R & R Hospital.

Our services at the center range from Maintenance Hemodialysis, High Flux and Low Flux Dialysis, SLED for Acute Renal Failure patients, Patient Education Programs and Kidney Diet Counselling among others.

Want to know more, or are you confused which Dialysis therapy would suite your health condition, what are key components to consider while choosing a dialysis therapy, Key areas to look for while selecting a dialysis unit as your care partner; Just give us a call or visit our Clinic and our highly trained professional team would be happy to address all your queries and help you out.

To fix an appointment for a Dialysis Session or visit our clinic, Contact:-

Mr. Nemi Chand – 9672993301, Landline:- (+124) 4569209 | Email info@7medindia.com

Clinic's Services


Hemodialysis is the most common dialysis method used worldwide to treat kidney failure patients. For a laymen hemodialysis is a procedure wherein a highly advanced machine is used to filter out excess salts, wastes and fluids from a patient’s blood once their kidneys stop adequately performing their task.

Hemodialysis Healthcare Team

Hemodialysis procedure is a serious responsibility but patients at 7Med kidney care centers do not need to worry. They can shoulder this responsibility along with our healthcare team. The healthcare team at each of 7Med kidney care centers include a Nephrologist, Qualified & experienced Dialysis Technicians & Nurses and our counselors.

4 Hour Dialysis – Time to Refresh

At 7Med Kidney Care Centers you can use there 4 hours to watch your favorite television programs, read magazines & books, play Sudoku or listen to your favorite music numbers. All these services are available at each of our Kidney Care Centers.

Hemodialysis for Positive Patients

Hemodialysis patient with sero positive blood face difficulty to get quality dialysis center to rely upon. 7Med pays special attention to the requirements of such patient’s needs and follows strict clinical protocols to ensure zero cross infection amongst patients.

Kidney Diet

Kidney Failure patients face dilemma when it comes to dietary restrictions as they need to follow very strict diet which leaves them with limited options. Our Dieticians help the patients to understand why dietary restrictions are needed, what they can eat and how best to manage the food intake as per their individual requirements.

Patient Education Program

At 7Med we believe in becoming best care partner of our patients. When it comes to a responsible partnership we are very keen to provide appropriate knowledge to the patients and enable them to take care of their health better.
Our Patient Education Program helps patients in understanding nuances of dialysis and living a healthy lifestyle on dialysis. Our belief is that not just efficient dialysis but patient’s self-care plays an important role when it comes to leading a better life with renal failure and our patient education program is designed keeping this in mind.

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